The mission of the American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA) is to lead the care (prevention and treatment) of people with acute and chronic wounds (through a synergy of disciplines) worldwide.

Our Mission is accomplished through an inter-professional commitment to optimal quality patient care, education and advocacy.


The American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA) is a hybrid non-profit organization unlike any other organization available and founded in 2001. Its non-profit status is a 501 (C) (6) with an effective month of April 2001.  The APWCA was created to incorporate representation from the various medical specialties involved in treating the many aspects of these complex wounds.  Our seminars bring these fields together and therefore facilitate an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach.  An interdisciplinary integrated team approach has been documented in the world literature to reduce the rate and probability of lower limb loss due to ulceration, infection and ischemia. All non-healing wounds, such as sacral decubiti and other pressure wounds, ischemic, venous, chemical and thermal wounds are all within the scope of concern for the APWCA.   The Association provides state of the art medical education and encourages the use of the highest quality care in a cost-effective manner. 

APWCA Vision

  • To be recognized as the foremost inter-professional wound care association.
  • To enhance wound care prevention and treatment worldwide.
  • To provide education to all wound care providers.
  • To advocate for improved access to wound prevention and care
  • To improve wound care patient's quality of care through optimal treatment, prevention, advocacy and education.
  • To decrease the incidence of sequelae including major amputations and dysfunctions


The APWCA will:

  • Promote synergistic inter-professional collaboration and communication
  • Develop and provide quality wound care educational programs and materials
  • Connect inter-professional wound care associations worldwide


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